Create a non-expiring access token to external app?

Hi guys,

I’m facing an issue as to the amount of time it takes before an access token expires.
Is there anyway i can make an access token for an external app that doesn’t expire (or atleast has a very long expiration date)?

Thank you


@Mads_Commerou What kind of external app are you referring to? you can have an access token which doesn’t expire only if the external app allows it no matter what kind of authentication you use.

I’ve created a confidential app in the admin tab on orchestrator to have access to OR.Queues.Write.

This non-expiring password has to be set & provided by the external app you are using. As an external user, you cannot set a non-expiring password. Please let me know if my understanding is wrong.

I think i’ve not described the issue properly.

I want to create an access token so that another company can send API Post Requests to my orchestrator.

In order to do so i want to limit it to OR.Queues.Write. For this i’ve created an external application (this is what UiPath calls them) in the cloud orchestrator, so that i can generate an access token for them to use. This access token normally expires after 1 hour, and i want it to be unlimited.

You cannot set it to be unlimited, but you can refresh the token.


Actually, you can by updating [AccessTokenLifetime] value in [identity].[Clients] table.

  UPDATE [uipath].[identity].[Clients]
  SET [AccessTokenLifetime] = 7200



Let us know if this worked for you.

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