Create a new row in data table

I have created a new data table(NewDT). Inside a for each row of another data table(OldDT), I have to add three values in three columns(1 string and 2 integer) values.

Can anyone please help me with solution…

Create out side for each loop use BuildDataTable and Create output variable as NewDt
and use Add Data row inside For Each Loop and pass the NewDt variable to Add Data Row

Cheers @rifnanahas

Can you explain it more clearly

sure @rifnanahas
1- Read Range and get output as OldDataTable
2 - Build DataTable add three Columns(1 string and 2 integer) and get output as NewDataTable
3 - For Each Row and give OldDataTable as input
4 - To add three new values use Add data row and pass NewDataTable in DataTable Propety
5 - use write range and pass NewDataTable

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Thank you

it worked?