Create a new datatable project


I would like to create a process that looks like this.

There is an Excel sheet with a column containing different company names. These company names will be used to search for their respective companies on the website (a website containing different company information).

When the company itself has been sought, some information is retrieved from the website (For example, to see how the website looks like searching for a company, you can enter 556012-5790 in the search field and press enter).

First of all, the numbers given to the left of the text ‘turnover’. Then the text “Key numbers 20xx-xx” will be retrieved; here there should also be an ‘if’ rate saying that if it says 2017-12, the data table should be specified as ‘Not broken’, and if it is not 2017-12, the data table is specified as ‘broken’.

The idea is that the new information should be used to create a new data table where a column A should consist of the company name, column B should consist of sales and column C, “broken” or “not broken” should be given depending on the if rate.

The new data table should then be saved.

Any ideas on how to do this?

Many thanks in advance!


I don’t understand where is the difficulty on this process.
1a. Build a DTFinal where you will have all that 3 columns (name, sales and brokenColumn) that you will populate in the step 4.

  1. Read Range - to extract in a DTCompany all the company that you will have to search in that web page.
  2. Iterate to each row from this DTCompany and type into the company code ( open the web page previews).
  3. Use Get text activity to extract the key number in a variable KeyNumber
  4. Check witch condition is good and choose Add row activity to add in the DTFinal all that 3 column: Company Name, Sales and a string variable based on the condition that will have the value ‘broken’ or ‘not broken’.
  5. Close the web page at the end.


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