Create a multiple sheets in existing excel file

Good Evening ,

am having a single DT , i need to update this DT value to existing excel file with sheet name as sheet_1 and 1st transaction is over.
Transaction 2 started again that DT get overwrite with new set of values , now i want to create sheet_2 in the same existing excel file.

how should i achieve this? need a help ( here i can use python or c# code also by invoking code )


Hi @naveen19
Basically you want to put every transaction detail in a separate sheet when in a loop.
assign a counter variable as 1. foreg:- counter=1
Increment its value by 1 every time you paste transaction details in sheet.
In the sheet name field in write range activity,use the counter variable like this -
write range

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Thanks @shetanshudhar can i get a full flow , am bit confused to go ahead