Create a loop that take information from a row in excel to a business system


I’m working on a process where I retrieve information from a line in an Excel. The information from the line is then stopped into different information boxes in a business system, which in turn generates a report that is saved.

I have managed to get this if the document has a row (uses Excel Application Scope), but as soon as I add information one by one but not succeed in getting it work if the Excel file has multiple rows of information.

What I would like is that after the information from row 1 has been retrieved and a report has been created, the process should be looped and continue with the information from the row below instead; This should be looped until there are no lines left.

Any idea how I can handle this? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

In the excel application scope, if you use the read range activity, it should return a datatable. With this datatable, you should be able to iterate through each row with a ‘For Each Row’ activity, which will give you each row to process how you wish.