Create a loop that select items in several drop down

i would like to create a loop that can select an the same option in several drop down menu
for example : did you wake up at 7’ monday : “pick up yes”
tuesday : “pick up yes”

etc …

i try do to with one with the [select item] but i don’t know how i can “move” to the next menu in a loop because [select item] point at the first.
does that mean i have to do the same for the 6 other days or is there a way to do that in a loop ?

I look on the forum but i don’t think someone faced to the same problem or i didn’t look well.

thanks for the time you’ll spend for me :slight_smile:

Hi @grish

I think a little more information would be required on this, an example, screenshot or steps may be what you are trying to automate.


i’ve done it. hope it helps

i’m using the community version by the way

up ?

Hi @grish,

did you find the solution?

@grish Can you share your script of looping the select item.

Thank you in advance