Create a loop every 5 minutes

I’ve haven’t used uipath a lot but does anybody know how I can create a loop that starts every 5 minutes?
11:00 – get data
11:05 – get data
11:10 – get data

is this possible?

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Yes, you would need to create a schedule in Orchestrator to trigger the workflow to your liking.

@bcarp is correct if you’re asking about starting a robot process every 5 minutes.

If you want to do something every 5 minutes inside of a single process then you can have your process continuously check the current time and only continue if the minute ends in 5 or 0.

Is this inside of the uipath program or an 3rd pary application?

There are three parts to UiPath: Studio, Robot and Orchestrator. You design your workflows in Studio while the Robot actually executes these workflows. Studio and Robot work together and cannot execute jobs without each other. Orchestrator is an optional web-based component that will allow you to execute jobs on a schedule and/or remotely. Orchestrator is now available in a mobile app version as well. You can learn more here:

I highly recommend going through UiPath Academy (currently free) where you will learn the basics and can even earn certifications:

thanks, if I have time I will check it out :slight_smile:

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