Create a Library with dependencies


I’m creating a library which has different dependencies (with different dependencies I mean that I have 4 different .xaml and i call them throughout all the process). In that library I make an API Call, I have two files, one excel and a txt file; that are required for the code to execute properly. When I test it from the studio, there is no problem. But when I create the nugget package, I import it to the project and going to use it, it throws me an error something about, not having a default property.

Hi @Rodrigo_Salazar

Some examples of how it all looks like would help :slight_smile:
For example, the entire error message.

It is very tricky to answer general queries without enough details.

@loginerror already solve it. It was because I was uploading the library with an excel file inside. It seems that if a library has an external file that is not an .xaml or .json there is an issue

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