Create a folder by its file name


Hi ,
i am having five excel files in a folder with the names : GL movement- 2018-02-01
GL movement- 2018-02-02
GL movement- 2018-02-03 and so on
Here, i need to create a folder on the basis of name (GL movement ) and move all the excels into that,
i am getting an error that file name is already exists …please, suggest me the solution
FYI,main1.xaml (14.5 KB)
GTL Movement Form - 2018-01-12.xlsx (20.7 KB)
GTL Movement Form - 2018-01-12.xlsx (20.7 KB)
GTL Movement Form_02.01.18.xlsx (43.5 KB)
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HI @skrishna,

I have modified few codes from your xaml file. now working please refer this one.

main1.xaml (15.0 KB)

Modified the regex expression.

Change the folder path before use



exactly working as my expected output ,Thanks @arivu96


Hi Arivu,
I need a small help in Excel , i have to delete the empty records , previously u have helped me out of this , but now i am having one “” data in first column but the records are empty so, i need to delete the empty records on basis of “column3” . please find the attachment EXCELFILE1.xlsx (465.3 KB)

thanks in advance ,
s krishna


Hi @skrishna,

you can use below code to get non empty records alone.


dt.Rows.Cast(Of DataRow)().Where(Function(row) Not row("Column3").Equals("")).CopyToDataTable()



sol.xaml (11.4 KB)
I am getting an error as Assign : Cannot perform ‘<>’ operation on System.Double and System.String.


Hi @skrishna,

Refer below post,

please dont create duplicate post.