Create a dynamic web title variable from Facebook website

Hello everyone,
I try to extract data from a Facebook Account but when there is a new notification the title page get from “Groups | Facebook” to “(1) Groups | Facebook”, then the uipath selector crash because he can’t find the page.

And I have already blocked push notifications but nothing changes. This is not the right solution. Sniff


Hi @Clara_Lm,
Depends on how are you retrieving this data you might use dynamic selector where you can use asterisk in the place where things are changing like “*Groups | Facebook” or/and regex which will catch only matching characters ignoring anything else. You can read a loot about regex and dynamic selectors on forum.

Hi @Pablito,
In the selector, I have change the “title” attribute for the “url” and it seems to work.
Thanks for the idea of asterisk and the regex I will check that.

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