Create a datable from two others


I got a little problem.

I have two datables:
One with some matricule
One with raws linked to the matricule.

I wante to created a third one who contains only the value from the second file for the in the matricule file.
In other terms if the matricule is in the first file then I whant to append the thirds one with the value.

I can make it for one matricule with the wizard but i don’t get any resultat for more then one.

TXexport_evp_2020-07.xlsx (7.3 KB) matricule.xlsx (7.5 KB) Main.xaml (14.8 KB)

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Hi dou want to join 2 datatables togther based on matricule?

with the matricule. if the matricule from file 1 exist in file 2 then i want to copy the corresponding row in a third file

Hi @Hadrien_Poquet

did u require in this way? finally
i did in this way

hope it helps,
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Yes that’s it.

Can you take a picture of your wizard filter ?

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This is inside the join wizard

Hope it helps

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