Create a custom activity from workflow

Is there any way, we can create a custom activity from a work flow?

for example, if we have created a workflow containing business logic relevant to one firm and this can be shared across the firm globally. The better way of sharing the code is via custom activity as it more neat instead of xaml file & there is a risk of looking at the logic by someone and change it.

I have used a tool in the past (not RPA) where we could create a custom operator (similar to custom activity) using existing activities or combination of existing activities (like read excel, process data , for each look, etc.) and the publish to a common location, this was making that custom operator available to everywhere with in the firm.


Ok. The’re no way to create a Custom Activity from a Workflow. You can just do a Custom Activity from a project using a Programming Language (C# or VB .NET).
If you want to share your workflow without enabling the edition of it, you can publish your project (from publish button inside Uipath) and share the .nupgk file created.


Not in Uipath Studio, but it is actually possible for “normal” activities in VS.
@ovi - do you think it would be feasible?

Well, if you plan on using it on multiple machines and want to be able to update it easily, i think it would be ok to make the workflow a custom activity. As for the “feasible” part, i’m subjective here because i think it’s easier to have a project “Shared components” on a shared drive so you could use it in production also. If i have this process in Orchestrator i deploy it on all my robots so i can then access the common workflow.

@Cosmin_Ion_Nicolae might have a better view on this matter.

SO after I share the .nupkg file that is created by the publish button, how will the other developer invoke my module from his uipath workflow.? Is there an activity that can be used to invoke existing nupkg. The reason I prefer Rajiv’s way is because that way it is easier for the developers to see what are input and output arguments and secondly it is easier for me to maintain and release new upgrades to that Custom activity.

You just have to put it on the Published Workflows folder’s and then start it by using the UiRobot on System’s Tray.

Something like this (sorry for not posting the actual screenshot. I’m stuck with the end-year project deadline):