Create a copy of an outlook mail message without downloading

Hi, I’m trying to create copy of a mail message in outlook, I need to move one of the copies to a folder and the other one to another folder. I can’t download the mail message and re upload it, all have to be done in outlook. Thanks to everyone in advance!

Hey Johnny,

Does the following work for you?

Use the “Invoke PowerShell” activity and enter the following script to copy emails based on subject. You can also specify based on EmailID, From, BCC, etc.

Emails are being copied from Inbox\SubFolder to SentItems\TEMP, where “Email_Subject” is a variable being passed into the PS code.

$outlook = New-Object -comobject outlook.application;
$Inbox = $outlook.GetNamespace(‘MAPI’).GetDefaultFolder(6);
$subFolders = $Inbox.Folders | ? {$.FolderPath.EndsWith(‘SubFolder’)};
$SendItems = $outlook.GetNamespace(‘MAPI’).GetDefaultFolder(5);
$subFolders2 = $SendItems.Folders | ? {$
$Final = $subFolders.Items | ForEach-Object {If ($.Subject -Like ‘“+Email_Subject+”’){$.Copy().Move($subFolders2)}}

Source : How to 'Copy' NOT 'Move' Outlook Mail Message to Another Folder in That Inbox - #5 by Geek