Create a Chatbot Using UiPath API Documentation and Tools like Snatch Bot and Integromat

In our automation journey, we come across situations where we need to integrate different applications\ systems together. UiPath offers an amazing open API platform that we can use to connect to processes, robots, and all the other features available in UiPath through other applications.

In today’s RPA world, chatbots are one automation technique that many people love to build and introduce.

However, the challenge is finding an easy way of integrating applications using API calls with less code.

@Lahiru.Fernando Chat Bot Integration with UiPath Snatch Bot andIntegromat.docx (6.4 MB)
(UiPath MVP) came up with an idea to create chat bots that are easy and can be created by a user from a non-technical background . I collaborated with him on the topic and we were able to come up with a solution.

The video and the Guide document is a result of our findings.

The scenario in high-level

  • Adding captured data into Queue in UiPath Orchestrator

  • Trigger a process automatically to process the new Queue Item.

  • Adding the data to the Queue is done through the Integromat platform that offers an easy drag and drop interface to build webhooks to connect two or more applications.

Topics covered in the guide

  • Introduction to Snatchbot

  • Introduction to Integromat

  • Showcase the use case built on UiPath Studio and Orchestrator

  • Building a simple chatbot in Snatchbot

  • Connecting the chatbot with the webhook built on Integromat

  • Passing attributes between chatbot and API

  • Building the dataflow to add chat information into UiPath Orchestrator Queue

  • Running the automation to demo how chatbot and UiPath process communicates

  • Publishing your chatbot

In case you are looking for the video, I am providing the link below:

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