CoyFile Illegal characters in path

I have process what have worked fine more than a year. Today came strange problem, when copying file with CopyFile i get an error “illegal characters in path”. Problem is in From.Path. It’s variable where is file path.

Process reads all files from one folder. It opens each file in Acrobat and reads few numbers from it with OCR and after that it copies files to another folder. Opening file in Acrobat works ok (uses variable where is file path) but for some reason that same variables has changed when CopyFile is used, there is two “\\” instead “\” like this: c:\\pdfs\\mustread\. In locals window in debugging mode is showed that this variable were file path is, includes these double slashes.

I tested with Message activity what is before CopyFile activity, it’s shows file path variable with only one slashes in path. So somehow file path slashes get doubled when CopyFile From.Path uses it.

Problem soved. Illegal characters where in destination path, OCR read from several reports date same extra characters. From paths double slashes confused and started lookin error source from wrong place.

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