Cover information in duplicate data row


I want to input data everyday

but how can i search if there are same date in the table

If contain same date in table, i want to cover all the information in that day

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hi @Edd_0820

You want the row number that are having same date only, is that correct?

Hi @Edd_0820,

To find the data in the excel , you can use the “Find Activity”.

Check this video demonstration .

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I will input several data everyday

but some data will be updated several time in 1 day

May i know if RPA can help to update data as below

1, create new row if data is first input in that day
2, cover all data with updated data if we have already input in that day

Thank you !

For 1, do a read range and store it in “DT” then do the following
DT.rows.count if it’s 0 then that means its a new sheet

For 2nd: Can you clarify as what you are getting at…

As far I understand you are not sure on how many rows are populated and want to insert at the point the rows needs to be added so again do a DT.rows.count and you will get the indexnumber which will be -1 of the value required.

I think describe with pic will be more clear

I dont know if RPA can help to check if 13 Jul data is already exist or not in the excel?
If yes, replace all the data with updated data
If no , create new row for those data

thank you

Hi @Edd_0820,

Yes this can be achieved.


If you get some value in this select method that means you have the value already added in the table

and you can update that as per that…

Do let me know in case you want more clarity on the same :slight_smile:


Where should i put for above order?

Thank you!

Hi @Edd_0820,

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The code given to you is to see if the date has appeared any where in the column basically.
So DT is the datatable which is obtained from read range from the excel.

The condition is basically done to see if the value is present in the DT or now in that particular column.

Now for implementing it do the follow:

  1. In If condition -

DT.Select([Column1]=“13-Jul”).rows.count = 0

  1. If this is True that means the value isn’t in the column
    Else we will be doing a for loop on the whole data table to find the row number to overwrite the data on the excel

Hope this help. Do let me know in case of issue or concern.

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