Course material versus Studio/StudioX version

I try to follow course material, but keep running into difference between the Studio/Studiox versuion i had to install and the one in the course.
None of the course material i can finish without making changes to my project or i am not able at all to finish a project due to this…

Please let me know where to downlaod the proper version to follow the course materials

Hi @Stegman

You can learn about things in the official documentation

If you need to learn via other modes you can try uipath academy


Hello @Stegman
StudioX can do many things similar to a studio but it’s made to be simpler for users which don’t have a programming background. Kindly refer to this thread for more information

thanks for the reply’s i have switched to Studio as the Studio course materials fits the Studio software better.
Just thought to start with the StudioX version and later on do the Studio :slight_smile:

Then fine if all good kindly close the topic by marking the solution @Stegman

Hey @Stegman ,

What are some of the differences between the academy course and StudioX that you encountered? And what version of StudioX are you using?


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