Counting specific patterns in an image

Hello, everybody,

I would like to extract from the following picture
the number of all grey circles as well as the number of all coloured circles.

The grey circles represent seats in a hall that are no longer available and the coloured circles represent seats that can still be booked or bought.

As output I want the total number of seats from the hall as well as the seats which are free and the seats which are no longer available.


What is the best way to do it in uipath?

Hi @IvanKurtovic

As per your requirement, i see more using of ML techniques to train and integrate to UiPath, I am not much into ML, but as of now normal OCR’s will not work


Thanks for your answer. Are there certain packages in UiPath that allow me to use ML in UiPath?


You can always give a try on python, UiPath has python activity, I believe you can train a model using python and integrate with uipath :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer. Do you know if I can solve it with the help of UiPath - Computer Vision?


You can try that, but the circles are very small, hope it was difficult to capture