Counting Number Of Product Images/Videos

Hello all, I would like to have my program count the number of images/videos a product contains. For example, if I looked at the product below, I’d like the program to tell me there are 3 images and 1 video, since if you click on the right arrow you’ll see there is one more image. Does anyone have any ideas on what might work?


Image Example

on this structure:
with a find children or with datscrapping can be worked

Quick check datascrapping for getting img src

Kindly note: the extract metadata is to configure to retireve the src attribute instead of text:

Fortunately it was handling all images, also these ones which were not displayed and require paging (right arrow click)

extending it to the video a look to the a element class will help for the first analysis steps

Thank you so should I only use data scraping or both data scraping and find children? When I use data scraping and click on image to recognize a pattern it returns blank columns. Could you please specify? Thank you.