Counter to browser different links

Hi there, i am using a browser to download a form. To download the form, the browser open up another tab website URL that keep changing. How do i counter that?

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Hi @mark_rajkumar1

Can you please provide some additional details on the situation that you are dealing with, so the we can analyze it?

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How is the URL changing

What form is being downloaded?

Is it as a PDF file, an HTML file or something else?

Please help provide more context @mark_rajkumar1

@Jatin_Nandwani @arjunshenoy it is an .xlsx form being download. The link original is e.g. When i click download it creates a new tab where i should download from there. The link is suppose to be but it keep changing to different running number at the back for e.g. How do i counter this?


Can you please find & confirm whether there is any lateral co-relation between the file that you are trying to download & the changing number in the redirection URL? Like, if the file name number or part of the file data is being incorporated in the URL, by any chance.

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Basically in the Click activity use the URL property and pass the url to be:

The star would be a wildcard character that would help click the right url

None of the solutions help me