Counter not working for regex values

hi all. For my earlier part of this sequence, i’ve managed to use the counter to write down the file path values in an excel. But when i use the same counter variable for the next part, it writes down all the regex value in the correct column but it writes down after the file path as shown in the screenshot below.

but if i use a new counter variable, it is overwriting the values in a cell. Any advice? flow shown below is when i use a new counter variable.

Hi @lyn89 ,

it is not so clear with the screenshot you provided. is there any possibly to share your code so that i can help to fix. thanks.

hi, this is the full flow.
forum_filepath.xaml (15.9 KB)


Inside For Each loop instead of counter, you can use Index variable

Index will start with 0, so that will be a good option

For Reference check below


Hope this may help you



I dont see any issue with your code i have changed the excel file path to my machine. it is working as expected. i am nit sure why you are getting issue in your machine. small modification i have done on the write range thats all. please find the attached work flow and out put report.
file.xlsx (8.4 KB)
forum_filepath.xaml (15.7 KB)


Your workflow which is attached the above seems no problem.
Filepath is wirtten to ColumnA and CoOpID is written to ColumnB.
If it looks filepath is overwrtitten by CoOpID, it might be column width matter.

If the above isn’t your issue, can you elaborate?


ahhhhh i added the Cell in the write range as what you edited and it is finally writing down correctly… so that was the problem?

Not sure your code is perfect on the requirement you mentioned but you just missed giving cell value in write range that’s all. thanks.

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thank you for your help!

Your most welcome.

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