Counter error

while first time running counter its worked but for second time its not and again third time it worked im using in for each activity then to this happen.

Is it incremented accordingly atlast inside the loop with a assign activity
Cheers @Mayur_Pawar

the counter purpose is not to increment its giving me error in count -2 query @Palaniyappan

Can I screenshot of workflow if possible
Cheers @Mayur_Pawar

Kindly check once how may columns are there in that sheet
I hope it must be less then 1 or 2

  • above screenshot for 1 sheet it working like inserting column at -2 index
  • for 2 sheet its not working
  • and again for 3 sheet its working


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Sorry buddy
I didn’t get it completely
Here which one is the newly added column

I’m trying to insert column before “week 1” in every sheet.i got desired output for sheet 1 and sheet 3 but for sheet 2 I’m not able to get the expected output .
Cheers :slight_smile: