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The remark field has both ticket no and entry count i.e ticket no:entry count
Now my query is the entry no should be is 0 for first 3 rows i have keep it “1” for next 3 rows i.e 5,6,7
How do I do that
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Mind rephrasing your question? I’m not sure what you are asking. But it doesnt seem to complicated data though.


How is entreyCount defined?

Consider 2 and 5 row the subject and body is same so entry count should become 1
nxt 2 and 5 the entry count should be 1 it is entering second time

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Well, at first glance, with x as the rowNumber

  • I’ll add a column for the entryCount (let’s say E) with the formula =Ax&"|"&Bx

  • for the remark column (let’s say F) I’ll use the formula =Ax&":"&COUNTIF(C2:C2;Cx)

The latest formula count the occurences of the combination in preceding row the current one included.

buddy @supu123

Kindly find the attached xaml buddy
Its resolved (11.7 KB)

Hope would help you

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