Count the number of rows from Remote Desktop Connection Navision

First of all thanks to the great community!
I learn a lot, thanks to you for a short time by reading here!

How would be the proper way to count
the rows in Navision form from Remote Desktop Connection.
UiPath recognize the RDP screen as image.
But the hard part is because there is something like more then 50 rows most of the time.
Everyday different total rows.
They can be 10, 20 or more then 200.

Do you have any idea from where I should start?

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may i know how it would look like actually, may be with a screenshot if possible
Cheers @Veselin_Ganchev

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Information is restricted @Palaniyappan .
I don’t have any permission to share screenshot with information.
But I can explained it with header screenshot of the Navision form.

Hi @Veselin_Ganchev

Would the native RDP automation be an option here?

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Hi @loginerror,
Thank you!
Today at work I’m gonna read and test it.
I’m sure it will help for many features, because here always gonna be RDP connection for Navision.

After you look the header in the form, do you have any idea?

Hello @Veselin_Ganchev,
Uipath will indeed recognise RDP as a whole image and will not detect the objects inside.

I’ve done a big project automation on a software running in RDP only. The best way is to use the Computer Vision Activity (you can install it from the package manager). It awesome and very precise.

Hope it will help.

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Hello @vmariejeanne,
Thanks for the advice!

For everyone, who need advice about similar situation.
I use Send Hotkey method and extract all rows to Excel.
Then I use For Each to loop for all rows.
It’s working completely fine.

I’m sure there is multiple ways for solution. But I make it in that way.