Count the no. of unique value present in a column in an excel

can you please send a sample xaml for this as I am unable to understand it @lakshman
it is giving the following error

how can i do it @kalyanDev


Sorry. Pass ArrayRow as below.

           {item.ColumnName, InputDT.DefaultView.ToTable(True,item.ColumnName).Rows.Count.ToString}

its not giving the correct output

As you reported to different approaches that it is not giving an expected output we would suggest to analyze it within an isolated / standalone RnD xaml.

  • readin excel
  • explore different approaches on this for getting the count you are looking for.

in case of you cannot ensure the validity of the given counts, then you can also check your implementation approaches by runnong testcases with a samller / dedicated test set.

In case of you can share a reduced test set with us we can also help you on the rnd/prototypes