Count row don't work correctly

I need to count the row number of two columns, I am using the “read range” for each column and it includes a “filter data table” for each column also, with the data I need to filter and an assignment with the value dttabela1.rows.count

In the first column the counter is working correctly

In the second no, it seems that he is adding values ​​and the value of the lines is not appearing correctly. the second depends of the first filters the first column

This image is about the second column and and filter used



Hi @lourena.coutinho !
Would you mind sharing your workflow and excel file so we look into it together ?

Would you mind sharing your workflow and Excel file so that we can analyze them together?

Hello, unfortunately I cannot share. But in the first filter of the main column it is working, it is counting the values, in the second it is showing the total lines.

Hi @lourena.coutinho !
What about creating dummy excel files with false data representing your actual file, and sharing with us the piece of xaml that you screenshoted + xlsx ? Would that be possible ?
The goal is to understand why you do have a problem with the filter. By seeing the data we could help you understanding why the problem occurs. We often use filter activity and count object, and when we have an incoherence, often the problem comes from the data or the way we use the filter. With the screenshot you sent, unfortunately it’s not enough for us to understand where is the problem :pensive:

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