Count Pdf directly in Sharepoint

hello together,
I have a task and while how can I put all the PDF files in multiple folders (the folders also have many folders too) directly in sharepoint without downloading, counting and writing that in excel table.
Thanks in advance

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Hey @momo10

The point directly is what I’m concerned about could you please explain.


I have many folders in my sharepoint, the folders also have subfolders with certain names, and in these subfolders there are many pdf files, which the robot counts and writes in an excel table (name of the folder and number).

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Hi @momo10 ,

We would like you to know if you are already using the Sharepoint Activities Package and would require assistant using the Package Activities.

Or are you trying to use UI Automation for achieving this task ?

Working with the Sharepoint Activities Package, we have some activities which might be helpful to get your required output :