Count number of participants

I need help to figure out what’s wrong with my uipath sequence.

The idea was that the output Tabulation file should count correctly the number of participants from Staff List tab ‘29-03-2021’ for those who are ‘Y’. So column C in Tabulation should be showing 2 participants for dept ABC and 1 participant for dept XYZ.

Staff List.xlsx (21.0 KB) Tabulation.xlsx (12.0 KB) (1.8 KB)


Instead of using increment inside the For Each Row use Index of the For Each Row

Also in the filter use both conditions in one filter activity as below

Check below attached workflow for your reference (2.0 KB)

For Reference on Index of ForEach Row check below

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Hey, the attached workflow has missing or invalid activity. Could you help to upload again?


Check below attached workflow
Sequence (2).zip (10.3 KB)

Let me know if you are facing any issue


That works perfectly, thank you!

How about if I would like the output of ‘Tabulation’ to look like this where the Robot extracts the name of the tab in ‘Staff List’ and input as the header for ‘Tabulation’ and it will also count the number of participants for the 2nd and 3rd tab of ‘Staff List’ and add on to the columns in ‘Tabulation’

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