Count Meter

Is it possible to have a count meter on a program?

I’ve built a program that pulls data from an excel and inputs it into a web page. Is it possible to include a count meter in case of an error? For example, if in the middle of the project the internet goes out and an error is received. Is there a way to show how many rows of data were completed before the error?

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Yah that’s absolutely possible
Like while passing the input to web page use a assign activity like this inside the FOR EACH ROW activity
int_recordsPassed = dt.Rows.IndexOf(row)+1

Where int_recordsPassed is a variable of type int32 which will store the number of records passed

This variable can be used or called in CATCH block if needed

Cheers @shdacak

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Thanks for the reply! Is there another way to do it other than using the catch block?