Count columns and copy from another excel

Hi, i have an excel file with data and I don’t know how many columns. i need to count columns and copy column data from another excel to the first one.

Hi @markosc .

For counting columns we can use


And for copying if you can you explain little more with sample files.


Table with black borders I have to count, and with red borders are newly added columns from another Excel file


Please try this steps and let me know,

  1. Read the excel data using read range (the red bordered from excel file) and store it in datatable - dtTable1 (variable name)

  2. Read the 2nd Excel using another read range and store it in datatable - dtTable2 (variable name)

  3. Use the component given in below link to convert number to excel letter.

Activity name - Get column name

Input will be dtTable2.columns.count
(Output of the activity colname)

  1. Use write range and give sheet name and range as colname + “1” and pass datatable as dtTable1


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