Coulumn mistmatch error

Hi ,

I am receiving below error in orchestrator server,but same bot if i run manually i can run and execute it perfectly without any error,but when am am trying to run from orchestrator it is getting failed.

Note :here but orchestrator and bot are on same server.

we need to check with the datatype of those two columns along their respective datatable
to check that
Cheers @Karthik_Kulkarni

To be clear when we are executing from UI path studio it is running fine,but after i publish in orchestartor it is throwing me error.

Even though there is no need to change any EXCEL path.Actually doubt is both studio and orchestartor are on same server why it is getting coulumn mismtach.

Infact same error it should throw when am running from studio too.

thanks for understanding

May I know which activity you are using to read the datatable or populate the datatable.

Is it generated from UiPath iiself or your doing any scraping or Excel read to populate the datatables.

data scraping i used

Hi ,

Can some one help me in getting the issue solved with the column mismatch error .

If it is ok i will upload the code even.