Couldn't Read range error1

Hi all,

I strucked while reading a excel I am getting an error like “Could not read range”.
Even after the excel is correct which is the output after converting text file to excel.
I dont know what’s wrong, cScreenshot (77)
an someone please help on this??

Hi @HeartCatcher

Did we try with work book activities instead of excel
And make sure the sheet name is correct



Thanks for your reply I tried as you suggested using work book read activity even after I am the same error.


Just for analysis purpose:

  • check excel on columns which do represent a date
  • reformat the excel columns with a different cellformat
  • test again

At least when:

  • reformatting the date columns to short date
  • reformating first, second, Related_Account to numbers

we can read in.

Cell reformattings can be done with Balareva Package

Can you explain a bit more??
How can I achieve that.

you can manually reformat the cells in Excel

Once it is working you can automate it with:


What could I mention inside Cell format??

the format that you have prototyped manually in excel when configuring advanced / custom formats

Its done as you suggested even after I am getting the same error

I would state If I got it run and it is failing on your end then experiment with formats and try different ones.

try a DD.MM.YYYY format or short date. As the formats string are locals dependend so my german format TT.MM.JJJJ will not help you. Explore by your own.

But as mentioned, first format it manually and got it run. Then automate it later with Balareva

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