Couldn't find Database Execute Non Query activity in Uipath studio even after installing uipath.database.activites

Couldn’t find any database activities like :

  1. Execute Non Query
  2. Execute Query

Whereas in I’m able to see different set of activities
Please refer to the attached screenshot.

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Welcome to our UiPath community.

Downgrade the DataBase package version and you will find those activities.

May I know what you want to perform with those activities ?

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the activity name is changed
for insert,update,delete activity name is - run command - execute non query

run query is execute query activity


Telling people to downgrade is bad advice.


Hi Ambika,

Welcome to the community.
You should be using Run Command which is equals to the Execute Non Query earlier.

How would I know? :wink:
Just right click on the activity and click on Help - You will be redirected to Execute Non Query documentation


I’ve noticed that the searches tend to find the new activity too. In other words if you search for “execute non” it pulls up Run Command because that’s the replacement for Execute Non Query. They did quite a good job on all this, but a lot of people seem unaware of how it works.