Couldn't able to login uipath cloud platform

hii guys to login into uipath cloud platform do we need to signup again or can we login with the credentials which we used earlier for platform.uipath.I tried to login with the credentials which i used earlier for platform.uipath. but it is showing invalid credentials.

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Buddy @venkatmalla6
–Login with common authentication like enter any of your gmail accounts username and password and enter buddy
–once after entering, click the service tab and you will be shown your tenant name
–click that tenant name and you will be directed to your tenant in orchestrator
–no need to create new login if you have tenant already created
for more info on this @venkatmalla6
Hope this could help you


were you able to login now buddy @venkatmalla6

you’re correct buddy,i just login with my gmail account and it take me to the page and i click on services tab where i found my tenant name and i clicked that and eventually it take me to the page where

there i clicked my tenant name and it take me to the page

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Cheers @venkatmalla6

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