Could you please help me with the queues?

Hello to all,
my flow consists in reading an excel file with a single column that has numerical values.
I should read these values one by one and upload them to the queues.
After having loaded the data in the queues I have to scroll I have to re-read the queues and execute another flow but it gives me an OK or KO to be attributed to the queue.
I’m not very practical in managing queues,
could you help me to solve my problem or by attaching tutorials that explain how to manage queues both from the orchestrator and in the flowchart?

send your workflow here
and if confidential then send on my


@Sagar_Gupta1 thanks for the reply,
but unfortunately when I said “another flow” i meant I can’t share it ,it requires a login on a website.
Do you know any tutorials I can follow to learn how to use queues?
Thanks again


let me know if any doubt

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