Could not write range into xls file ( download from Webpage )

Hi everyone.

I have excel file downloaded from web.

I have got datatable and could not written into it ( write range in Excel Application Scope ) … it could not saved.

When i write datatable ( write workbook activity )… it can written and saved but it lost format ( all of header columns disappear ).

What is problem here?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Mr.H,

Did you check if the AddHeaders option (from both read & write range activities) is ticked ?

Concerning the " it could not saved" issue could you please let us know if there is a specific error message? If the workbook filepath is not complete, then UiPath is saving the file within the project folder

Hope this helps
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Hi Everyone.

I found reason because file which downloaded from web in format ( .xlt )… so could not written and saved data on it when use write range activity.

Thanks you!