Could Not Upload Files In AWS S3 Bucket In Orchestrator

Why is it not possible to not upload files in AWS S3 Bucket in Orchestrator?

Issue Description: Post configuring AWS S3 bucket in storage bucket in Orchestrator and trying to upload files into the storage bucket, following error is thrown in Orchestrator

  • "Could not connect to the server (#101)"

This has Cloud SaaS. CORS is a mechanism that allows resources on a web page to be accessed across domain boundaries.

The Orchestrator web browser access to Amazon and Azure storage buckets can be restricted due to same-origin-policy on the provider side. Successfully accessing the content of such a bucket from the Orchestrator UI requires to configure the respective provider to allow cross-origin requests from Orchestrator.

  • Set the same CORS rule in the AWS S3 Bucket Configuration

"CORSConfiguration": {

"CORSRule": [


"AllowedHeaders": [



"AllowedMethods": [






"AllowedOrigins": [



"MaxAgeSeconds": 3000



Permission Description
Create Storage Buckets - allows the creation of new storage buckets.
Storage Files- allows the creation of new files in storage buckets.
Edit Storage Buckets- allows the editing of existing storage buckets.
View Storage Buckets- allows access to bucket contents. Required for any file operations within buckets.
Storage Files- enables browsing and download of bucket contents.
Delete Storage Buckets- allows the deletion of existing storage buckets.
Storage Files- allows the deletion of files in storage buckets.



"AllowedOrigins": [




"AllowedOrigins": [



To configure a bucket to allow cross-origin requests, create a CORS configuration. The CORS configuration is a document with rules that identify the origins that allows to access the bucket, the operations (HTTP methods) that will support for each origin, and other operation-specific information. Add up to 100 rules to the configuration. Also, add the CORS configuration as the cors subresource to the bucket.

If configuring CORS in the S3 console, use JSON to create a CORS configuration. The new S3 console only supports JSON CORS configurations.

Note: It is required to follow the HTTPS Request.

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