Could not start executor. The user name or password is incorrect. (0x8007052E)

I have created a Uipath App, I want to run it in a virtual machine, I have created machine template and when i run the same process from the orchestrator it works successfully.
But when i run it from the App its getting faulted and the robot and the account and the environment is different. I want the process to run by the same as above from the App.

Please help

Thanks and Regards


I guess you provided incorrect credentials while Configuring Unattended Bot because of that you are ending up with this error.

Please provide correct windows credentials and then check once.

Hey @lakshman ,

I have checked the credentials and re-entered the credentials again. The Domain\Username and password is correct.
I tried to run the app after logging out from the session as well. But still getting this error :frowning: