Could not start executor. Cannot start the process in Picture in Picture mode because the feature is not enabled on your computer

Experiencing the same issue when trying to upload. Hope you can help

Hi @Teofilo_Tamele

Couls you please clarify when does the issue happen and how does it manifests itself?

Hi @loginerror
The issue happens when i try to run automation in PiP. Note that i have enabled the PiP in Debug and project settings.


Below the link after running Diagnostics

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Hi @Teofilo_Tamele ,

In order to run PiP on the machine you will need administrative rights. Open a PowerShell with admin rights and navigate to the UiPath Studio installation folder. From there you can run .\UiRobot.exe PiP --enable. This command will enable PiP on your machine.

Please let us know if you managed to do this and resolve the problem,

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Thanks Andrei.

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