Could not run the published package

Hi All,
I have installed community edition and I have published my process in the orchestrator.
But I am not able to run my process, getting the following error

The feed ‘ []’ lists package ‘TestProcess.1.0.4’ but multiple attempts to download the nupkg have failed. The feed is either invalid or required packages were removed while the current operation was in progress. Verify the package exists on the feed and try again.

Your help will be appreciated.

Hi @deepankumar90,
Do you use any non standard package/feed in your project?

Hi @Pablito,

Thanks for your swift reply.

i can’t get your point as started to learn Uipath now only.
Can you explain in details. Thanks in advance.

Ok, maybe let’s start from beginning. You have workflow. You have robot connected to Orchestrator. Status of robot is “Connected, Licensed” am I right?
Please show me how you are publishing project in Orchestrator. You can describe or send screenshots.

Hi @Pablito

The status of the robot is Connected,Licensed. I am publishing the package through Studio and there is no problem in publishing the latest version of the process but while running the process in orchestrartor it is getting faulted with that error.
PFA the status of the robot.


I see you have robot 19.4.3 version. Please try to update it to newest version and let’s check again.

you should try by giving the full path name in the orchestrator URL inside the orchestrator settings.
For eg: I had the same issue you were facing. Mine got fixed when i did like above


Hi Do you mind have further explanation of what you have done?

I am facing same issue and didnt quite get your point, really need help, thanks!