Could not find type 'GetElapsedTime' in namespace

Hi Team,

Could you please tell me ‘GetElapsedTime’ and ‘TerminalSendKeysSecure’ are part of which package along with their package version?

You can use Stopwatch under ‘System.Diagnostics’ Namespace

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I am trying to understand the existing code developed in a different machine. In the code they have used this activity so I am getting error. If you have any idea in which package this activity is available it will help me

Probably it will be custom activity. Please check in properties

I am getting error in the .xaml because that activity is not found so i cant see the activity properties.
below is the error

Could not find type ‘GetElapsedTime’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 654, Column: 46

Thanks Reyaz for your interactions.

I found this activity as a part of ‘Microsoft.Activites.Extensions’. Once I install this package, I am able to see the activity - ‘Get Elapsed Time’