Could not find the resource “UiPath.Activities.System.Properties.UiPath.System.Activities.resources” among the resources


Could not find the resource “UiPath.Activities.System.Properties.UiPath.System.Activities.resources” among the resources “UiPath.Activities.System.ViewModels.Resources.ActivitiesMetadata.json”, “UiPath.Activities.System.ViewModels.Resources.ActivitiesBindings.json”, “UiPath.Activities.System.ViewModels.Resources.Icons.add_data_column.svg”, “UiPath.Activities.System.ViewModels.Resources.Icons.add_data_row.svg”, “UiPath.Activities.System.ViewModels.Resources.Icons.add_log_fields.svg”, “UiPath.Activities.System.ViewModels.Resources.Icons.add_queue_item.svg”, “UiPath.Activities.System.ViewModels.Resources.Icons.add_transaction_item.svg”, “UiPath.Activities.System.ViewModels.Resources.Icons.append_item_to_collection.svg”, “UiPath.Activities.System.ViewModels.Resources.Icons.append_item_to_list.svg”, “UiPath.Activities.System.ViewModels.Resources.Icons.append_line.svg”, … embedded in the assembly “UiPath.System.Activities.ViewModels”, nor among the resources in any satellite assemblies for the specified culture. Perhaps the resources were embedded with an incorrect name.

It seems that you are facing an issue with UiPath where the required resource file “UiPath.Activities.System.Properties.UiPath.System.Activities.resources” is not found among the embedded resources in the UiPath.System.Activities.ViewModels assembly or any satellite assemblies for the specified culture.

There may be two possible reasons for this issue:

  1. The resource file is missing or not properly embedded in the assembly.
  2. The specified culture is not available, and therefore the resources for that culture are not found.

To resolve this issue, you can try the following steps:

  1. Ensure that you have the correct and updated version of the UiPath System Activities package. You can update the package using UiPath Studio’s Package Manager.
  2. Double-check the culture setting in your project, and make sure it matches the available cultures in the UiPath System Activities package.
  3. If the issue still persists, you can try reinstalling the UiPath System Activities package, or even reinstalling UiPath Studio to ensure all the necessary files and dependencies are correctly installed.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, you should consider reaching out to UiPath Support for more assistance.

Check you Version of the UiPath.System.Activities. I encountered the same error because I updated the Lib to the latest Version (23.4.2) but my Studio is still on Version 2022.10.4. In the description for the latest Version of the System.Activities it notes that it is required to have Studio Version 2022.10.5 or above.

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Is there any chance to update to the newer version of UiPath or should I have to uninstall present version and install newer version

With the newest installer you should be able to update Studio without uninstalling. I think it is a bit different if you use the Community Version (I have the Enterprise Version) but it should not be a problem. Just run the installer and it should ask if you want to update.

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