Could not find member ReadOnly in type - Solution

Issue Description

Getting error in - Could not find member ‘ReadOnly’ in type ‘

Root Cause:

The current process/project was developed using Excel package v2.4.xx or later while the same project is being reopened in a lower version of installed Excel packages.

Upgrade your UiPath.Excel.Activities package or later

n certain scenarios, if your Studio machine doesn’t have connectivity to the internet

  1. then you download the packages manually from


 2. Copying entire excel packages from working machine to non-working machine

For example (Offline Installation)

Link to download: UiPath.Excel.Activities.

All the available version can be downloaded (always download the latest available version, irrespective of the screenshot )

Download the package and place it in the packages folder of the Studio installed location.
C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\Packages

  • Restart studio.

Now the new package version will be available in the dropdown to be installed in the UiPath Studio.

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