Could not find file. Read pdf activity?

After downloading the pdf, the next task is to read it from the folder where it is downloaded but after reading 5 to 6 files it throws an error" could find the file. Can I use retry scope here? Can any one solve this issue?

You should you
Wait for Download Activity
so it will get confirm that your file has been downloaded then
you can use Read pdf Text Activity.


you can use retry scope too. This means it will keep retrying until the file exists which will solve the issue

here retryInterval = Timespan.FromSeconds(1) meaning it will retry every second
it will STOP retrying if read pdf is successful

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Try to add some delay after downloading the file…


Hi @Amit_Kumar_Charde

Before reading the file from the folder, check whether file exists in the folder. Use Path exists activity of the UiPath for the same.

Hello @Amit_Kumar_Charde

As you mentioned you can use retry scope activity. Or yku can use wait for download activity as well.

If the file downloading takes more time then better to use any of the above approaches instead of using delay activity.


you can also do the same using while loop ( same as retry but while loop will wait indefinitely, retry will wait for the number of retries specified)
TEST.xaml (7.2 KB)

Thank you Rahul_Unnikrishnan. Wait for Download Activity solved my problem.

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