Could not find a part of the path error

Hi All,
My process is giving below error while running in prod environment:
Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\Users\UserName\Downloads\file_name_coming_from_config.xlsx’

The value of PowerBI downloads folder is C:\Users\UserName\Downloads\

Out of 3 user machines, its working fine on 2 of them.
Does anyone know what it could be about?

You should have a Log Message activity that writes the final path, and then look at it for the user that isn’t working. Make sure they actually have such a folder.

Hi Thanks for you reply,
The process is already deployed, I cannot add ‘log message’ as of now.
And I checked the downloads folder do exist on user’s machine

But you don’t know if the path is being set correctly because you didn’t do any logging and didn’t debug before deployment. Don’t just assume the path is correct, you have to check these things.

Can’t check/debug on each VM/user machine before go-live. There could be many!
Working on 2 machines out of 3 means code is functional.
@kaurM you will have to debug on that particular machine and see what is breaking.

You could if you put Log Messages in from the beginning like you should have done. Then you could troubleshoot on a user’s machine if it isn’t working. Working on 2 out of 3 means code is not functional. It means you haven’t accounted for differences in user systems.

Functional because this is a machine specific issue.
Logging - absolutely!

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You cannot assume if the process wasn’t debugged before deployment. Of course it was, and never had any issues.
And as you mentioned, there isn’t ANY logging, thats again an assumption. To make you clear on that, there is a logging at almost every step in the process.
Its just the path here is not being logged.
Anyways, thank you for your responses.