Could not find a machine in the current folder

I cannot add local users so the video does not help.

Is it no longer possible to use unattended and attended processes from orchestrator as a community user or do I have to enable local users somehow to make it work?

I managed to solve one error but I have still one big issue.

Discovered that my orchestrator URL was wrong. Instead of: it should be Now my attended processes are visible AND my unattended are running.

Unfortunately on my other PC I am not able to get unattended running because I am not able to create a new user in orchestrator. Does this mean that community users cannot any longer use unattended on two pc’s since the update to modern folders?

Actually, it is doable for modern folders if you create a Cloud Account for that second machine.

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Thanks for the tip. It took me quite a while to figure it out.

The steps are:

  • Made a new cloud account
  • Linked the new cloud account with my old, adding the new account as new user and giving automation user and administrator rights
  • Confirmed the link/invitation sent to my new cloud account
  • Logged back into my old cloud account
  • Added the new user cloud account
  • Added automation and administrator roles
  • Used the machine code on my second pc
  • Probably did some more tweaking which I cannot remember

And finally got the setup of having unattended running on two pc’s AND being able to see attended processes. Just like with classic folders but spent 20 hours tweaking and tvisting, clicking desperately trying to figure out the logic.

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