Could not find a machine in the current folder

I am getting this error while running job, Suggest me any solution?

Check if your robot is connected and machine also

It is connected still it is showing error

Hi Chandu, you have to set Environment first and then configure a robot for that defined environment in the Default Classic Folder. You can follow the steps below in Orchestrator and refer to the image attached when it is needed.

  1. Change to Class Folder on the top right of Orchestrator
  2. Go to Management->Robot-,Click Environment, Click cross “+” to create a new Environment
  3. In the new Environment, Click the three vertical dots, Select Manage
  4. Check your robot
  5. Go to Automation->Process, Create a new process and link it to your Environment
  6. Go to Monitoring->Click “Jobs”, you can run your bot from here by creating a new job. You will be be able to see the robot configured for your environment.

It is noted that the setting for Shared Folder is different from that in Classic Folder.

Good afternoon! I have a similar problem. My robot still does not appear in “Monitoring -> Start Job”. I followed all the steps, my robot is connected but I still have this problem =(

I have the same error. I would like to know the instructions how to fix the problem with the modern folder configuration, as that’s what my uipath orchestrator is asking me.

My process is visible in UiPath assistant, my robot is connected, licensed, and the process is started.

But when I try to start the process from the UIPath Orchestra interface online, it says that it “Could not find a machine in the current folder” #2818

In the top right corner, we can see that I have 0 available unattended machines, even though UI Assistant tell me my machine is connected, licensed.

Edit: I think I understand the problem. It says we have 0 available unattended machines, even though I should have one with my uipath orchestrator cloud community version. See below.


Hi P_Botrel, did you see the unattended robot when you define Environment? You need to to check the robot when you define Environment.