"Could Not Connect To The Server #101" Error During Uploading The Files To Azure Storage Bucket

Error fix for "Could not connect to the server #101" thrown when uploading the files to Azure Storage Bucket.

Navigate to the configured Storage account in the Azure Portal - Settings page - Resource Sharing (CORS) and add the following rule on both Blob service tab and File service tab:

Allowed origins: https://orchestratorURL,http://orchestratorURL

Allowed methods: GET, OPTIONS, PUT

Allowed headers: *

Exposed headers: *

Max age: 200

For example:

Also, navigate to the Data Storage section - Containers and check the Public access level for the bucket - change this to "Container" if the error still persists.

If the Orchestrator is deployed as a PaaS App service and not On-Prem, repeat the steps above and add the CORS settings for the main storage account that the Orchestrator app service is using (should be located inside the same resource group). Customize the Allowed origins section with the PaaS Orchestrator URL (both http and https).