Could Not Communicate With The UiPath Extension For Browser 'ApplicationFrameHost.exe'. Please Make Sure The Extension Is Installed And Enabled

Why Edge Chromium Extension is not working as expected ?

When the process is developed in Edge Legacy browser and trying to run on Edge Chromium browser, we get the error - "Could not communicate with the UiPath extension for browser 'ApplicationFrameHost.exe'. Please make sure the extension is installed and enabled ."

Root Cause : As Edge legacy and Edge Chromium have the different way of exposing the selectors to UiPath, this error will be generated. Hence we recommend to use the same browser for which the workflow was developed.

For example:

  • Selectors in Edge Legacy :

<html app='ApplicationFrameHost.exe' title='Google' />

<webctrl name='btnK' tag='INPUT' type='submit' />

  • Selectors in Edge Chromium :

<html app='msedge.exe' title='Google' />

<webctrl name='btnK' tag='INPUT' type='submit' />

In case to use the same workflow in Edge Chromium, then either re-indicate all the elements for the new selectors or follow the below article Migrate Automation From IE to Microsoft Edge or Edge Chromium .

Note : The only difference between Edge Legacy and Edge Chromium selectors is to change the App name : from ApplicationFrameHost.exe to msedge.exe .