Could not able to fetch InterActive Check box status in Non_English based Excel file


English Non_ENglish )
I have multiple Excel Input Files(On different languages) which have Inter Active Checkboxes, i would like to get the status of that checkbox and based on the Checkbox value, i need to validate something. I used “Get OCR text with tesseract OCR”. For all English based Input Files, I can able to get the status correctly but for non English Input files, i am not able to get the status of the Checkbox, is there any other alternative approach to get the status of Interactive Check Box?

Any suggestions are appreciated.



Hi @Santhosh_Hyd,
Have you tried using OCR based activities? Eventually common activities but with an anchor?

Hi @Pablito ,

Yes i used OCR based activities, but for different languages input files , i am getting different output. Is there any way, jus to find the checkbox is checked or not?

Quotation Request Template-TP Taiwan.xlsx (32.2 KB) Quotation Request Template-TP Thailand.xlsx (17.0 KB)
I have attached 2 files for your reference.

There is one method which I have in my mind.

  1. Use Image exists activity and mark only this one particular square with tick inside. Then inside same activity you can define the scope where you need to mark exact same spot to bind image with selector. Additionally in case image not exists set for this activity WaitForReady status to NONE and Timeout for short time (so you don’t need to wait default 30seconds).


  2. Use if statement to get status of the image.

  3. Repeat for any other boxes.


Here’s my project you can check on first of your files. (365.4 KB)

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it is not giving 100 percent accurate results, it is only giving accurate results on the file you have created but not for the other files.(I changed the selector to *)

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Yes, it was just example for you to explore :slight_smile: